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(note: the studio is always open 15 minutes before each class)

737 29th St.
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Boulder, CO



Free Emotional Wellness Clinic

Could I Have Postpartum Depression?

 Do you.....

  • Have trouble sleeping?
  • Find you’re exhausted most of the time?
  • Worry about little things that never used to bother you?
  • Wonder if it’s possible to have PPD even when your baby is 7 months old?
  • Snap at your husband and children over everything?
  • Think everyone else is a better mother than you are?
  • Cry over the slightest thing?
  • Think your children would be better off without you?
  • No longer enjoy the things you used to enjoy?
  • Isolate yourself from friends and neighbors?
  • Have unexplained anxiety attacks?
  • Feel like you will always feel this way and never get better?

Many new mothers experience some of these feelings. If you have answered yes to many of these questions, you may have postpartum depression (PPD). PPD affects 20-30% of all postpartum women and it is a real illness.

It is also very treatable.

How A Consultation Can Help:

  • Get ideas as to how to handle emotional issues that may be connected with your pregnancy/new mom status
  • Take a Postpartum Depression Screening Test
  • Get Screened for Postpartum Depression risk before you have your baby
  • Receive tools to help you communicate with your partner about how he/she might help in coping with PPD
  • Referrals for therapists, groups, and other resources

To schedule a consultation, please contact Danielle Dougherty, LCSW at 303-550-3874, or Click Here to Email Danielle.

The clinic hours are from 2:15-3:15 on Tuesdays at the Tree House, after the Milk Club. Danielle
s office is located across the hall from the Yo Mama Yoga Roots studio. Consultations last between 20-25 minutes. Drop-in appointments are available if these slots are not already full. If my office door is open, please feel free to drop by.