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(note: the studio is always open 15 minutes before each class)

737 29th St.
Suite 201
Boulder, CO




The Fathers Circle

Supporting and educating dads on the fatherhood journey

 NEXT FATHERS CIRCLE: Oct 22, 2014  - 7:30 p.m.

The Fathers Circle presents:

How to Have Your Wife

ENJOYING and WANTING Sex After Baby!


with special guest, post partum recovery expert Lynn Schulte-Leech

Sex Doesn't have to be Painful!


For many women, post partum sex is downright painful.  Their response is one of fear, pain, and avoidance. Lynn has met many women who have gone to multiple doctors who all look at their vaginas and say, "Well, it looks normal in here.  There's nothing wrong, must be all in your head. Try a little bit more wine beforehand!" And for most women suffering from pain with sex, all the wine in the world won't help their situation.
Lynn helps new moms recover their bodies from childbirth. Whether a normal birth or highly traumatic birth, many women's pelvises are still stuck in a birthing position and haven't gotten back to normal. Sometimes problems lie deeper but have been excacerbated by birth.  Many women need only one session with Lynn to help get their enjoy intercourse again freely without pain.
Come learn how you can best support your wife to enjoy sex again after childbirth and ways you can encourage your intimacy again after a baby!
Dads in attendance will receive a $50 discount off a session for their partner with Lynn! 
October 22, 2014
7:30 - 9:00 p.m.
Yo Mama Yoga (Treetop Studio)
737 29th Street
Boulder, CO 80303
All dads welcome - $15 suggested 

Proudly sponsored by Yo Mama Yoga and Carrigan Law, LLC








New Dad Open Support Group

Join in community with other new fathers in an open group designed to provide professional support and comraderie as you integrate your new role as "Father."

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Daddy Stag Night

 "Daddy Stag Night" is an occasional event for Dads who need a break.  Join us for liquor tastings, card tournaments, raffles, pregnant burlesque?, pool, foosball, and any other appropriate revelry we can cook up.

Currently look for dads who can host an event!  Contact us with your interest. 




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